Greater Johnson Missionary Baptist Church

Junior Women’s Christian Council

Lisa West, President

“A Leading Lady”

A Series of lessons created just for YOU!


            Lessons to include:

Sister, Sister                                         Saved, Sanctified, and Filled


Listening to God                                                        Communication


Virtuous Woman                                                          Living Single


Winning a Beauty Contest                                          A Valuable Thing


Getting out of Debt                                          Millionaires in Training


Forgiveness                                          Raising Kids that turn out Right


Hope, Change, and Homework                                   Women in the Bible


Jr. Women Mission Society meets (1st & 3rd Sunday)

Immediately after 11a.m. Worship Service


Registration form for Jr. Women’s Christian Council (JWCC) - “A Leading Lady” Complete and leave this form with Sis. Lisa West or Send to the Church.


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2646 Imperial Avenue San Diego, California 92102 (619) 239-1000;


D.R. Anderson, Pastor